Figure 3.

Simrank sensitivity and specificity. Comparison of sensitivity and specificity of Simrank DNA searches with various k-mer lengths. True hits were defined as those with 97% alignment identity. The x-axis is the false positive rate (FPR - Simrank hits to subjects with <97% alignment identity), the y-axis is the true positive rate(TPR - Simrank hits to subjects with > = 97% alignment identity). Each curve represents the balance of TPR and FPR through the range of Simrank thresholds. Vertical dashed line at y = 0.95, represents a 95% TPR. Inset table lists the FPR and Simrank cutoff for each k-mer search to obtain a 95% TPR.

DeSantis et al. BMC Ecology 2011 11:11   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-11-11
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