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data evaluation. Data evaluation of habitat variables used for Principal Component Analysis. Tadpole habitat characteristics are in lower case, adult frog habitat parameters are in capital letters. (A) Box-plots of the original and the transformed (with the extension "box-cox") habitat variables. We used these plots to evaluate data regarding outliers and extreme values that might influence the results of the PCA. We tried to minimise the influence of outliers on PCA by applying box-cox transformations on the original variables. Box-plots of transformed habitat variables are displayed next to the respective original habitat variable. (B) Pair plots of the habitat variables. We used these pair plots to evaluate data regarding strong non-linear relations between the habitat variables and extreme values in the multivariable space after data transformation.

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Strauß et al. BMC Ecology 2010 10:12   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-10-12