Figure 4.

Overexpression of TAE2 and TAE4 suppresses the sensitivity of numerous translation genes to drug treatments. Overexpression of TAE2 and TAE4 suppresses the phenotype of a number of translation gene deletion strains against neomycin and/or streptomycin treatments. Genes are represented as nodes (circles) and interactions are represented as edges (lines). The interacting genes are divided into functional categories and colored accordingly. (A) TAE2 over-expression rescued 20 gene deletions with a variety of functions. (B) TAE4 over-expression rescued 18 gene deletions, the majority of which are 40 S subunit proteins (nine genes) or function as translation-associated RNA processing proteins (five genes). Blue letters represent genes that are rescued by the overexpression of both TAE2 and TAE4.

Alamgir et al. BMC Chemical Biology 2010 10:6   doi:10.1186/1472-6769-10-6
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