Figure 1.

Fluorescent SP analog structures. A) Alexa 488-SP, B) BODIPY Fl-SP, C) fluorescein-SP, D) Oregon Green 488-SP and E) tetramethylrhodamine-SP. The first 5 amino acids of SP (Arg1-Pro2-Lys3-Pro4-Gln5) are shown, with each of the fluorophores conjugated to Lys3. R = Gln6-Phe7-Phe8-Gly9-Leu10-Met11-NH2. Alexa 488 is the most charged structure, BODIPY Fl is the smallest, and Alexa 488 and tetramethylrhodamine are the largest.

Bennett and Simmons BMC Chemical Biology 2001 1:1   doi:10.1186/1472-6769-1-1
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