Figure 6.

Verification that recombinant gas vesicles have GvpC proteins containing both halobacterial and SIV encoded peptides. Western blots of putative recombinant gas vesicle samples from cultures of SD109 transformed with pMS104D::tat or ::rev demonstrate the presence of chimeric GvpC proteins. Electroblotted wild type gas vesicles samples (wt-GV) prepared from the NRC-1 were incubated with purified rabbit anti-GvpC antibody or with monkey anti-SHIV antibody. As shown, the GvpC protein is clearly detected by anti-GvpC antibody (Panel A), but this protein is not detected by anti-SHIV antibody (Panel B). In cell lysates, Tat and Rev sequences contained in the putative recombinant GvpC protein are each detected using anti-SHIV antibody (plasma number R94085) from a monkey infected in vivo with SHIV virus (Panel C). The recombinant chimeric protein bands identified here correspond in size to bands identified with anti-GvpC antibody (see Figure 5 Panel B).

Sremac and Stuart BMC Biotechnology 2008 8:9   doi:10.1186/1472-6750-8-9
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