Figure 1.

In vitro synthesis of target proteins in different cell-free systems. A. Western blot analysis of in vitro synthesis of Fluc at 60 min. at three temperatures in the PURE system (PURE), the S30 and RRL systems. B. Different reporter proteins (indicated) were synthesized for 60 min. in the reactions containing 35S-methionine in the PURE system (lane 1), the PURE system supplemented with the fraction 17 (lane 2) and in the S30 system (lane 3). Aliquots of the reactions were run on a SDS-PAGE gel, followed by autoradiography. The arrows indicate the positions of the full-length proteins. C. A time course of in vitro synthesis of Fluc in different systems (indicated) and at three temperatures (37°C, filled ovals with solid line; 30°C, open ovals with solid line; 20°C, open ovals with dash line). The activities are averages of duplicate experiments and presented as the percentage of the relative light unit determined at 37°C and 60 min.

Hillebrecht and Chong BMC Biotechnology 2008 8:58   doi:10.1186/1472-6750-8-58
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