Figure 6.

Reaction course of the kinetic resolution of rac-1-phenyl ethanol. Reaction was performed using a NAD+ regeneration system consisting of 0.2 mg of NOX immobilized on Gx-ag as method described and 4 mg of alcohol dehydrogenase from Thermus thermophilus HB27 immobilized as described elsewhere [41]. The reaction mixture contained 0.5 mM NADH, 7.5 mM rac-1-phenylethanol in 10 mM sodium phosphate at pH 7 and 45 C. Substrate conversion was determined by HPLC as previously described [41]. In the same way, enantiomeric excess (ee) at 50% of conversion was determined by chiral HPLC as previously described [41]. Symbols: acetophenone (empty circles) and 1-(S)-phenylethanol (full squares).

Rocha-Martín et al. BMC Biotechnology 2011 11:101   doi:10.1186/1472-6750-11-101
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