Table 1

The ten recommendations regarding how to avoid hand eczema[27]
1. Use gloves when beginning wet work tasks.
2. Gloves must be used as long time as necessary but as short as possible.
3. Protective gloves should be intact and clean and dry inside.
4. When protective gloves are used for more than 10 minutes, cotton gloves should be worn underneath.
5. Wash hands in lukewarm water and dry them well.
6. Alcohol-based disinfections should be used instead of soap when the hands are not visibly dirty.
7. Do not wear rings at work.
8. Use a moisturiser with a high fat content and no perfume.
9. Moisturisers should be applied all over the hands, including the webs, finger tips and dorsal aspects.
10. Take care also when doing domestic work. Use protective gloves for dish washing and insulating gloves in the winter.

Fisker et al.

Fisker et al. BMC Dermatology 2013 13:16   doi:10.1186/1471-5945-13-16

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