Figure 2.

Gene expression profiles. Expression for CD10 and CD13 is quantified by DNA array signals on the y-axis (in log scale). Most of the published raw data are available from our website. On the x-axis are listed the biospecimens analyzed: NP, CaP tissue; sorted cancer, luminal, basal, stromal, endothelial and 5D3 cells; LNCaP, C4-2, PC3 and CL1 prostate cancer cell lines. The expression levels of these genes in the cancer cell lines are in agreement with other experimental results. Note the decrease in CD10 and CD13 between sorted CD26+ cancer cells and normal luminal cells. This is also evident in the NP vs. CaP comparison.

Dall'Era et al. BMC Urology 2007 7:3   doi:10.1186/1471-2490-7-3
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