Table 1

Reasons for multiple blood ordering of more than six units in 56 patients

1. Severe anaemia requiring preoperative top up transfusion

2. Operation cancellation

(i) Medical reasons

(ii) Unavailability of intensive care unit bed

3. Excessive intraoperative bleeding

4. Reoperation

(i) Ischaemic anastomotic site or bowel

(ii) Postoperative bleeding

(iii) Chyle leak

(iv) Massive gastrointestinal bleeding

(v) Empyema

5. Postoperative complications

(i) Anastomotic leak

(ii) Postoperative bleeding

(iii) Sepsis

Ayantunde et al. BMC Surgery 2008 8:3   doi:10.1186/1471-2482-8-3

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