Figure 2.

Case 2 A 55-year-old woman presented with obstructive jaundice and cholangitis for 2 months. Past history of cholecystectomy done 1 year ago. Fig 2a CECT showed mildly dilated intrahepatic radicals (white arrow) with enlarged lymph nodes (black arrow) along the hepatic artery. On exploration mass in CBD with multiple pericholedochal lymph nodes seen. Frozen section of the lymph node showed nectrotizing granuloma. 2b) Histopathology sections (40×) show epithelioid cell granuloma with central area of caseous necrosis (white arrow). Final diagnosis: Bile duct TB secondary to periportal lymph nodes

Saluja et al. BMC Surgery 2007 7:10   doi:10.1186/1471-2482-7-10
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