Table 4

Examples of participant quotes from each theme in the conceptual framework
Physical Psychological Daily living Social Occupational and Domestic Financial Aesthetic Medication Taking
Physical impacts experienced Psychological impacts experienced Impacts on daily living activities Social impacts experienced Impacts on occupational or domestic tasks Financial impacts experienced Aesthetic impacts experienced Experiences associated with medications
“Very sore. Pain was the number one problem.”p1 “I was scared I was going to break it again…”p6 “No leisure. No Sports. Nothing.”p12 “Personal life is restricted with relationships…”p9 “It causes me pain… but it doesn’t stop me from working, but I am in more pain.”p6 “I was out of work so it affected money.”p11 “I haven’t been able to wear any of my high heel shoes.”p8 “It causes me pain- have to take medication…”p12
“Mainly if I stand on it too much, the ankle gets quite irritated and very swollen.”p2 “I felt anxious about putting weight on it… even after the doctor said I could.”p9 “I wasn’t able to do any running…”p5 “(My wife) and I ended up arguing…”p2 “… I commenced on light duties at work.”p2 “I had a fairly good deposit for a house… over the past 12 months I have slowly eaten away my savings account.”p10 “The only problem I had was just fitting into shoes… I wanted to wear high heel shoes to my daughters wedding…”p1 “the pills make me feel sick”p6
“It was weak because one leg was skinnier than the other… it felt like it might give way.”p12 “Emotionally I was affected. I used to feel quite depressed and down a lot…”p10 “Could not do anything. Could not even walk the dog, too painful.”p1 “… virtually can’t socialize anymore.”p3 “I didn’t do much around the house. I couldn’t house clean.”p5 “…and I had to keep paying for those tablets they had me on.”p4 “I put on 5-6kg by just sitting around… I was restricted by being stuck on my bed…”p4 “… I had to start taking sleeping tablets”p2
“… I was very limited in my (ankle) movements”p4 “it took so long… it was very frustrating”p4 “I don’t go to soccer any more. At all. I haven’t been there.”p11 “Your social life is affected in a way that you don’t want to go out…”p6 “If it was sore, I didn’t want to go to (work), so I didn’t go”p8 “I can’t date because I can’t get out and about and I can’t afford to date.”p12 “I have put on weight as a result of the fracture.”p6 “I needed some pain meds for a few weeks, but then it was fine”p5
“I could only walk for a certain amount of time before it hurt.”p5 “It was more effort to do anything, I felt so tired all the time…”p8 “I took on a lesser role… I modified the activity so it was less demanding on the ankle…”p2 “My daughter got annoyed (with me) cause I needed her to drive me…”p1 “I have had to change my job entirely because of my ankle injury… I am now not doing anything.”p10 “… anything that I want to do outside of sitting in the lounge room costs me money I don’t have.”p3 “… I now wear these silly slip-ons (shoes) everywhere.”p7 “…the tablets at the start made me sleep a lot”p2

McPhail et al.

McPhail et al. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2012 13:224   doi:10.1186/1471-2474-13-224

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