Table 2

Knowledge about asthma management and Reasons for visiting the ED (N = 450)
Variable %
Reason for ED visit
Visit ED primarily to obtain a bronchodilator 86.7
Visit ED to obtain oxygen 75.1
The severity of asthma doesn’t allow the patient to wait for a clinic visit. 21.1
Belief that the patient is treated faster in the ED 20.9
The ED is available 24 hours a day 19.1
The patient treated directly without delay 20.9
Medication given as nebulizer at ED is more useful 19.6
Knowledge about asthma management
Take bronchodilator to relieve symptoms only 87.3
Stop ICS therapy when feel better 81.6
Believe long term use of inhaler unsafe 42.7
Believe continues use of inhaler cause dependence 35.1
Believe asthma therapy use its effect overtime 40.3
Does not know what trigger asthma symptoms 74.7
Does not know what should do during asthma attack 28.9

All percentage rounded to one decimal.

AL-Jahdali et al.

AL-Jahdali et al. BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2012 12:80   doi:10.1186/1471-2466-12-80

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