Table 3

Design elements of the BE WELL weight loss intervention


Intensive (Months 1-4)

Transitional (Months 5-6)

Extended (Months 7-12)

Goal of contact

Gradual weight loss associated with small, progressive changes in diet and physical activity

Weight maintenance or continued gradual weight loss

Contact schedule

Weekly (13 contacts)

Monthly (2 contacts)

Bi-monthly/monthly (typically 3-6 contacts)

Contact mode

Group, in person (Family member welcome)

Individual, in person (Family member welcome)

Individual, by phone (in person as needed)

Contact duration

90-120 minutes

30-60 minutes


Contact structure

* Private weigh-in

* Review and sharing of progress, or lack thereof, in relation to action plan/goals from last session

* Didactic presentation of a new topic

* 30-minute supervised physical activity session

* Development of individual action plan/goals for the next week

* Private weigh-in

* Review of self-monitoring records

* Identification of personal barriers to weight loss and activity

* Problem solving and relapse prevention

* Development/revision of a customized care plan

* Review of self-monitoring records

* Detection of signs of non-adherence and relapse

* Problem solving to encourage adherence and prevent relapse

* Revision of the customized care plan

* If indicated, re-initiation of intensive weight loss efforts through individual or small group visits

Ma et al. BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2010 10:16   doi:10.1186/1471-2466-10-16

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