Figure 2.

HIV Prevention Cost per DALY vs. percent GDP per capita (other regions*). Notes/Sources: *Other regions are Latin America, Asia and Central Europe (Ukraine). The graph plots the studies reviewed in terms of US$ cost per DALY and the same US$/DALY as percent of country-specific per-capita gross domestic product (GDP) taken from the International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database [19]. US$/DALY is the cost per disability-adjusted life year, DALY (US dollars, year of costing as reported in each study, log transformed). When cost/DALY was not available in the studies, we assumed it equals cost per infection averted/20 for adults, 25 for children [3,18]; one study used cost per life year [24]. For details of each study see Additional File 1.

Galárraga et al. BMC Public Health 2009 9(Suppl 1):S5   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-9-S1-S5