Table 1

Overview of the different pilot studies:

Pilot studies evaluating the intervention (PI)

Pilot studies evaluating the measurements (PM)

11/2006: Testing of 10 PA home activity cards in 5 preschool classes for 4 weeks. Evaluation by teachers and parents (questionnaires).

5/2007: Testing of 2 further PA and 2 nutrition home activity cards in 4 preschool classes. Evaluation by teachers and parents (questionnaires).

11/2007: Testing of daily PA and weekly nutritional lessons with their home activity cards during 3 weeks in 1 preschool class. Evaluation by teachers and parents (questionnaires).

    Feasibility and selection of tests

11/2007: Evaluation of 10 motor ability tests in one preschool class and selection of 4 of them by a team of sports scientists. Evaluation of the anthropometric measurements and the cognitive tests.

    Feasibility and reliability of tests

4/2008: Evaluation of the 4 motor ability tests in 2 preschool classes. Test-retest reliability of the balance platform test (static balance) and the anthropometric measurements.

    Reliability of motor ability tests

6/2008: Test-retest reliability of the "obstacle course" test (combined motor ability) and the balance beam test (dynamic balance) 1 preschool class.

Niederer et al. BMC Public Health 2009 9:94   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-9-94

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