Table 2

Timing and Type of measurement in START Canada and India
Measures Antenatal Visit (m) Birth (m, b) First Year (m, b) 12 Month (m, b) 24 Month (m, b) 36 Month (m, f, b)
T1 T2 T3 3 mth 6 mth 9 mth
Age I C
Expected Delivery Date I C
Medical and Obstetric History
Gravida I C C (m)
Current gestational diabetes I C
Current increased blood pressure I C
Increased cholesterol I C
Other Major Medical conditions Checklist I C
Family History I C
Medications Used I C
Past Pregnancy History
Live Births I C
Still Births I C
Abortions (therapeutic and spontaneous) I C
Past Gestational diabetes I C
Pre-Eclampsia I I/C
Multivitamin Use I I/C
Social Determinants
Self-reported Ethnicity - for self, parents and grandparents I
Mother tongue I C
Religious denomination I C
Years in Canada C
Place Immigrated from I C
Place of Birth I C
Annual Household Income I C
Occupation I C
Marital Status I C
Education I C
Social Support I C I/C (m)
Social Status-McCarthur I/C
Acculturation C (m)
Alcohol and tobacco use C
Maternal Depression I/C (m) I/C (m)
Intimate Partner Violence C(m)
Home Environment and Parenting I/C (m)
Infant Temperament I/C I/C I/C
Sleep Patterns C C I/C
FFQ I (mf)/C (m) I (b) I/C (m) I/C (m)
24 Hour recall I (m) I I(m) I I (m) I I/C (m) I/C (mother for baby)
Infant Feeding questions I I/C I/C I/C I/C
Physical Activity I I/C I I/C (m) C (m) I/C (m)
Anthropometric measures
Blood Pressure I I/C I I/C (b) I/C I/C I/C
Height/Length I I/C I I/C (b) I/C (b) I I/C I/C
Weight I I/C I I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b)1 I I/C I/C I/C
Waist and Hip Circumference I I/C I I/C I/C I/C
Skin Folds I I/C I I/C (b) I I I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b, m)
Head circumference I/C (b) I/C I/C I I/C (b) I/C (b)
Chest, mid upper arm Circumference I/C (b) I I I I/C (b) I/C (b)
Fetal Ultrasound I/C (m) I/C (m) I (b) I (b) I (b) I (b)
BIA I/C (b)
Blood Specimens
Hemoglobin I (m) C (m) I/C (b) I/C (m) I/C (m, f)
Fasting Glucose I/C (m) I I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b)
75 g OGTT I/C (m)
Insulin I/C (m) I I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b)
Lipids I/C (m) I I/C (b) I/C I/C
ALT I/C (m)
Micronutrients (B12 Folate) I/C I
DNA/long term Storage (urine sample) I/C (m)
Birth Visit I/C (m)
Type of Delivery I/C (m)
Pregnancy weight gain I/C (m)
Duration of Labour I/C (m)
Low Birth Weight I/C (b)
Premature Delivery I/C (b)
Premature Labour I/C (m)
Blood Loss I/C (m)
Epidural I/C (b)
Birth Weight I/C (b)
APGAR scores (1 min & 5 min) I/C (b)
Vitamin K Given I/C (b)
Adverse outcomes I/C
Placenta I/C
Cord Blood I/C (b)

Legend: I India, C Canada, b baby, m mother.

Anand et al.

Anand et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:79   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-79

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