Table 1

Health personnel staffing Botswana Government health facilities in Chobe District by sex and category[25]
Health personnel by category* Sex Total
Medical doctors 8M, 1F 9
Dentist 1M 1
Dental therapist 1M 1
Dental assistant 1M 1
Senior nursing sisters 19M, 35F 54
Registered nurse 13M, 25F 48
Hospital orderly 1M, 15F 16
Health care auxiliary 2M, 22F 24
Social workers technicians 2M, 2F 4
Medical technologist/scientist 1M 1
Medical laboratory technicians 5M 5
Medical laboratory assistant 1M 1
Radiographer technician 2M 2
X-Ray attendant 1M 1
Pharmacy technicians 7M, 1F 7
Dietician and health education officers 1M, 1F 2
Medical records filing clerk 1M, 1F 2

*As reported in 2009, non-medical support staff are not included.

Alexander and Blackburn

Alexander and Blackburn BMC Public Health 2013 13:775   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-775

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