Table 1

Content of the six group sessions in the Acceptance and Commitment-based group
Topics of the group sessions Key points and aims of the sessions
1. Health behaviour What are the factors affecting my health behaviour/well-being? What is the direction I want to move in? What are the steps I have taken in order to try to change my well-being?
2. Values and important things in life What are the most important values for me?
Am I living or behaving according to my values?
3. Value-based actions and barriers What are my specific goals and actions that support my valued behaviour?
What kind of subjective barriers or explanations have I related to physical activity?
4. Living in the present moment and self-regulation skills How do I contact the present moment?
How do I use mindfulness skills in order to be more aware of my own behaviour in everyday life?
5. Self-processes and physical activity How do I see myself and how does it affect my behaviour?
Can I be more aware of the way I am thinking about myself and learn nonreactive ways to respond to these thoughts?
6. Flexible actions How am I doing? What are the actions which help me to achieve my desired outcomes? Do I need to change my goals? Am I living according to my values?
Can I be more flexible in my behaviour and physically active lifestyle?

Kangasniemi et al.

Kangasniemi et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:671   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-671

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