Table 1

Barrier items for each domain and percentage of subjects who agreed to the statements
Item Percentage (%)
I don’t have extra energy to do physical activity after finishing my work. 21.6
I feel sick and uncomfortable physically while exercising 13.2
I have health problems which prevent me from being physically active. 12.5
Physical activity is difficult and tiring. 12.7
I look funny and feel ashamed when doing physical activities. 6.7
I’m not interested in doing exercise or physical activities. 9.2
I don’t get pleasure from physical activities or exercise. 9.8
I think other recreational activities with friends or family members are more fun than exercise or physical activities. 38.6
I think physical activity is not beneficial to my health. 5.5
I’m afraid of injury and fear for my safety when exercising. 13.7
I’m too lazy to do physical activities. 18.3
Intensity of exercise required to get health benefits are too high for me. 21.6
I think I’m not talented in doing physical activities. 15.1
I’m lack of self-discipline/initiative in performing physical activities. 29.8
My body shape doesn’t allow me to do physical activities. 7.2
Social Environment
My family members or friends don’t encourage me to do physical activities. 7.2
I don’t have friends to do physical activities together. 25.5
I don’t have free time to exercise or do physical activities because of my work. 27.7
I have to take care of my children or family members. 21.8
Physical Environment
There are no facilities or places to do physical activities in my residential area. 19.8
Facilities or sports area are too far and I don’t have any transportation. 11.8
I don’t know how to use sports equipments or specialties in doing physical activities. 17.5
The hot weather or rainy days prevent me to do physical activities. 34.7
I don’t have extra money to go to the sports facilities such as gymnasium or to buy sports equipments and clothes. 27.5

Note: The percentage of each barrier was determined by calculating the percentage of subjects who had agreed to the statements (subjects who chose ‘agree’ and ‘strongly agree’).

Ibrahim et al.

Ibrahim et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:275   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-275

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