Table 2

Fast food categorization system
Fast food category Food sub-category (major) Food sub-category (minor) Description
Asian Thai Thai take-away meals and products
Chinese Chinese take-away meals and products
Indian Indian take-away meals and products
Sushi and rice-paper rolls All sushi and rice-paper rolls
Other Other Asian take-away products and meals not in above categories
Beverages Juice Fruit and vegetable juices, pure fruit smoothies
Milkshakes/ smoothies Milkshakes, thickshakes, milk-based smoothies and other milk-based drinks
Water Plain and flavoured waters
Soft drink Sugar-sweetened Sugar-sweetened soft drinks
Sugar free Artificially-sweetened soft drinks
Tea/coffee/hot chocolate Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and iced variations
Other Other take-away beverages
Breakfast Savoury Breakfast rolls/wraps/sandwiches, hot breakfasts, hash brown
Sweet Pancakes/hotcakes
Other Plain English muffins, bagels, yoghurt, cereal
Burgers Beef burgers All beef-based burger products (excluding sandwiches)
Fish burgers All fish-based burger products (excluding sandwiches)
Chicken burgers All chicken-based burger products (excluding sandwiches)
Vegetarian burgers All vegetarian burger products (excluding sandwiches)
Chicken Fried/grilled/roasted chicken, nuggets, hot wings
Dessert Dessert products
Dressings/ condiments Sweet Dessert sauces, sweet spreads
Savoury Salad dressing, croutons, savoury sauces and spreads, gravy
Other Ribs, boxed meals etc.
Pasta Pasta dishes
Pizza Meat-based toppings Take-away pizza products with meat-based toppings
Seafood toppings Take-away pizza products with seafood-based toppings
Vegetarian toppings Take-away pizza products with vegetable-based toppings
Salads Garden/plain salads Garden salads or other plain salads
Salads with meat Salad products with beef, chicken, lamb or fish
Sandwiches Beef-based sandwiches Beef-based sandwiches, wraps etc. (excludes burger-bun products)
Chicken-based sandwiches Chicken-based sandwiches, wraps etc. (excludes burger-bun products)
Fish-based sandwiches Fish-based sandwiches, wraps etc. (excludes burger-bun products)
Vegetarian sandwiches Vegetarian sandwiches, wraps etc. (excludes burger-bun products)
Other sandwich products All other sandwich products
Seafood All seafood products
Sides Fries Salted and unsalted fries
Other All sides (excluding fries) such as onion rings, vegetables, garlic bread etc.
Soup Soup products
Cakes, muffins and pastry Cakes Sweet cake products including sweet muffins
Muffins Savoury muffins
Sweet pastry-based products Pastry-based products such as danishes, tarts etc.
Savoury pastry-based products Savoury-based products such as empanadas, pies etc.
Other cereal-based products Tacos Tacos and other wheat/maize-based products
Kebabs Kebab products

The Food Monitoring Group

The Food Monitoring Group BMC Public Health 2012 12:559   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-559

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