Table 3

Multivariate rate ratios* comparing TB rates in areas of low (referent) and high SES among U.S.- born and foreign-born populations
Foreign-born(95% CI) U.S.-born(95% CI)
Education 1.01 (0.94-1.08) 1.60 (1.48-1.73)
Crowding§ 1.16 (1.10-1.21) 2.05 (1.92-2.18)
Incomell 1.14 (1.06-1.23) 1.16 (1.07-1.26)
Unemployment** 1.00 (0.94-1.07) 1.88 (1.75-2.02)

* Multivariate models were adjusted for all SES variables.

Confidence interval.

Percentage of the total population 25 and over in the ZIP Code Tabulation. Area (ZCTA) with any college attendance.

§ Percentage of housing units in the ZCTA with one or more persons per room.

ll Per capita income in 1999 in the ZCTA.

** Percentage of the total population in the ZCTA civilian labor force that is unemployed.

Olson et al.

Olson et al. BMC Public Health 2012 12:365   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-365

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