Table 2

RE-AIM Measures
Domain Description[94] Measure Data source(s)
Reach Degree to which target population is reached by study activities

1. % Eligible population contacted

2. % Who respond to contact

3. % Who participate/are excluded

4. Representativeness of study sample to target population

1-4. Study database


Efficacy Improvement in study outcomes 1. Change in weight and secondary outcome measures 1. In-person measurement
Adoption Potential organizational uptake 1. Patient intervention satisfaction 1. Survey (12 mo)
Implementation[95] Degree to which intervention is implemented as intended

1. Interventionist adherence to counseling protocol

2. Participant adherence to intervention

1. Study database

1. Process measures including: supervisor

review of coach call recordings, of # attempted and completed coach calls, of timing and accuracy of mailed materials

1. Patient survey (baseline, 6, 12 mo)

2. # attempted and completed coach and IVR calls

2. # participant YMCA visits

Maintenance Can program outcomes be sustained over time? 1. Weight change at 18 months

1. Patient survey (18 mo)


Cost How much does intervention cost?

1. Cost of staff time (coach and research staff) devoted to conducting intervention activities

2. Cost of intervention delivery: print materials, technology costs, YMCA memberships

1. Study database

1. Staff time diaries

2. Financial statements

Foley et al.

Foley et al. BMC Public Health 2012 12:305   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-305

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