Table 1

Fields included on the coding sheet





Facebook (FB) page URL

Twitter URL

Youtube URL

Flickr URL

Number of people who like the FB page

Number of tweets in one month & total all-time tweets

Date YouTube channel was established/joined

Date joined Flickr

FB Photos (yes/no) & number of photos

Number of Twitter followers

Number of YouTube upload views

Number of photos in photo stream

Date of first/last FB wall post

Number of Twitter users the state is following

Number of YouTube subscribers

Number of photo sets/photos in each set

FB discussions (yes/no) & number of discussions

Date of the first/last tweet

Number of YouTube channel views

Number of photo set views

FB events (yes/no) & number of events

Total re-tweets

Number of YouTube videos posted

Number of comments on each photo set

FB videos (yes/no) & number of videos

Total @ symbols (replies or responses)

Name of YouTube video

Date of photo set

Date of the individual FB wall post

Total hash-tag symbols

Date YouTube video was posted

Internal or external post (yes/no)

Post tweet via third-party API

Number of YouTube video views

Post an auto feed (yes/no)

Number of YouTube video likes/dislikes

FB post original (yes/no)

Number of YouTube video comments

Total number of comments on FB individual post

Total number of likes on FB individual post

Thackeray et al. BMC Public Health 2012 12:242   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-242

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