Table 1

The template of the Chinese diabetes group visit sessions
15 minutes Introduction/Feedback
· All team members present introduce themselves and have each participant introduce himself/herself and share two or three problems caused by their diabetes.
· From the second session, participants will be asked to provide feedback on their action plans made the previous session. If there were problems, the group will be asked to brainstorm possible solutions.
35 minutes Topic of group self-management education
· Group facilitators will use different adult teaching methods to cover one or two topics each session (Table 2).
15 minutes Refreshment and group interaction
· Snacks and refreshments provided by volunteers.
· Ice-breaker games and energizer activities will be used to promote the group interaction.
10 minutes Questions and Answers
· Participants ask any questions about their diseases, the visit, etc.
· All team members present will answer the questions related to their area of expertise.
15 minutes Planning and Closing
· Facilitate each participant to make a weekly action plan for the coming month to achieve their self-management goal.
· Announce "homework", learning topic, time and date for next session.
60 minutes One-on-one visits with health care providers
All team members present will meet patients individually as needed for:
· Measuring and documenting blood pressure, blood glucose and weight
· Behavioral counseling
· Refilling prescriptions
· Ordering referrals, laboratory tests, and treatments as indicated.

Liu et al.

Liu et al. BMC Public Health 2012 12:1043   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-1043

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