Fig. 4.

Simulation of the MSMH model for population densities versus time with high pig-to-human contact transmissibility and low super-strain transmissibility(A) The simulation for the humans. Colors represent densities over time of the susceptible (blue), primary strain infectious (green), and super-strain infectious (red) classes. (B) The simulation for pigs. Colors represent population densities over time of the susceptible (blue), human strain infectious (red), avian strain infectious (green), coinfected (cyan), and super-strain infectious (magenta) classes. (C) Phase portrait for the humans. The figure shows human populations (blue) will reach a positive oscillating state (red). (D) A different view of the humans’ phase portrait showing the attracting region in 3D space.

Coburn et al. BMC Public Health 2011 11(Suppl 1):S6   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-S1-S6