Table 1

Characteristics and clinical features of 10 NMDAR antibody positive patients and negative controls
Group Age, Sex Diagnosis Psychotic symptoms Epileptic attack EEG, sleep symptoms Treatments Others Labolatory for NMDAR antibodies measurements References
1(A) encephalitis group 18/F anti-NMDAR encephalitis talkativeness, hyperactivity, bizzare behavoir generalized tonic-clonic seizure normal steroid pulse therapy slight high density inside the bilateral temporal regions (FLAIR, T2) Dr Dalmau (University of Pennsylvania) [14]
2(A) encephalitis group 24/M anti-NMDAR encephalitis delusion, catalepsy, palilalia generalized tonic-clonic seizure 11Hz, alpha wave, (after stroid pulse therapy) steroid pulse therapy Dr Dalmau (University of Pennsylvania) [15]
3(A) encephalitis group 27/F anti-NMDAR encephalitis substupor, catatonia unspecified seizure normal antipyschotics, m-ECT after m-ECT, ataxia, nystagmus and agraphia were pointed out Dr Tanaka(Kanazawa Medical University)
N(A) type antibody-negative (n=2) 59/F, 25/M Limbic encephalitis suspected stupor, catatonia, hyperactivity, bizzare behavoir,reference delusion generalized tonic-clonic seizure (n=1) spike and wave complex (n=1), diffuse slow alpha wave (n=2) antipyschotics, m-ECT (n=1) prodromal ful-like symptoms (n=1)
4(B) narcolepsy with psychosis group 61/M Narcolepsy, Parkinson's disease, Delusional disorder(297.1)(F22.0) visual hallucination, persecutory delusion, delusion of jealousy (-) short sleep latency, sleep onset REM periods antipyschotics, m-ECT resting tremor, hypocretin deficient narcolepsy Dr Tanaka(Kanazawa Medical University) [16,17]
5(B) narcolepsy with psychosis group 37/F Narcolepsy, Schizophrenia(Paranoid type 295.30)(F20.0) visual and auditory hallucinations, delusion (-) short sleep latency, sleep onset REM periods antipyschotics hypocretin deficient narcolepsy Dr Tanaka(Kanazawa Medical University)
6(B) narcolepsy with psychosis group 24/F Narcolepsy, Schizophrenia(Paranoid type 295.30)(F20.0) auditory hallucination, delusion, agitation, aggression, (-) short sleep latency, sleep onset REM periods antipyschotics hypocretin deficient narcolepsy Dr Tanaka(Kanazawa Medical University)
N(B) type antibody-negative (n=2) 25/F, 35/M Narcolepsy and psychosis (25/F)(298.9)(F29), Narcolepsy and Schizophrenia (35/M)(F20.1)(295.10) agitation, aggression, auditory hallucination (-) short sleep latency, sleep onset REM periods antipyschotics hypocretin deficient narcolepsy
7(C) psychiatric sympotoms 53/F Schizophrenia(Catatonic type:295.20)(F20.24), Mental Reterdation(F71.0) premenstrual tension, atypical pyschosis generalized tonic-clonic seizure normal antipyschotics, m-ECT Dr Tanaka(Kanazawa Medical University)
8(C) psychiatric sympotoms 34/F Schizoaffective disorder(295.70)(bipolar type:F25.0) delusion, auditory hallucination, talkativeness, hyper activity, aggression complex partial seizure normal valproic acid reccurent ovarian cyst, operations were performed Dr Tanaka(Kanazawa Medical University)
9(C) psychiatric sympotoms 30/F Schizophrenia(Disorganized type:295.10)(F20.12) acoustic hyperesthesia, irritation (-) normal antipyschotics, m-ECT oral dyskinesia Dr Tanaka(Kanazawa Medical University) [18]
10(C) psychiatric sympotoms 26/F Schizophrenia(Catatonic type:295.20)(F20.25) hallucination, delusion, depressive mood, hyper activity (-) normal antipyschotics, m-ECT ovarian tumor, operation was performed Dr Dalmau (University of Pennsylvania) [19]
N(C) type antibody-negative (n=47) 15-72y, M:F=10:37 Schizophrenia(295.30,295.20)(F20.0.F20.2), Schizoaffective disorder(295.70), brief psychotic disorder(298.8)(F23.1) hallucination, delusion, depressive mood, hyper activity, bizzare behavoir, catatonia generalized tonic-clonic seizure (n=10) abnormal EEG (n=6) antipyschotics, m-ECT ovarian tumor (n=6), convulsion&ovarian tumor (n=2)

Tsutsui et al.

Tsutsui et al. BMC Psychiatry 2012 12:37   doi:10.1186/1471-244X-12-37

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