Table 1

Outline of the assessments and timelines of AIBL active
Measure Telephone Screen Baseline 6 months 12 months 24 months
Geriatric Depression Scale – 15 item X
Standardized Mini-Mental State Examination X X X X
Cambridge Contextual Reading Test X
Alzheimer’s disease Assessment Scale – Cognitive section X X X X
Clinical Dementia Rating Scale X X X X
Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease battery X X
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST-64) X X X
N-Back Task X X X
Trails A & B/Trail Making Test X X X
Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function – Adult Version X X X
Short Form-36 version 2 (SF-36v2) X X X X
Hospital Anxiety and Depression X X X X
Memory Complaint Questionnaire X X X
Everyday Competence Questionnaire X X X X
Resting blood pressure X X X X
Height, weight, body composition, girths X X X X
Step test X X X X
Sit-to-stand test X X X X
Grip strength X X X X
Timed Up and Go test X X X X
Six-minute walk X X X X
Community Healthy Activities Model Program for Seniors (CHAMPS) questionnaire X X X X
Stages of Change Instrument X X X X
Satisfaction with Life Scale X X X X
Self-Efficacy Questionnaire X X X X
Content and program evaluation X X X
Blood sample collection X X
MRI scan X X
PET scan X

The X indicates at which point of the trial the respective assessments will take place.

Cyarto et al.

Cyarto et al. BMC Psychiatry 2012 12:167   doi:10.1186/1471-244X-12-167

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