Table 1

Factors in individual HPV vaccination decision
Factors of Individual Decision Son Parent
Details from doctor Protection Genital warts
Genital warts Cancer
Sexually Transmitted Infection Sexually Transmitted Infection
Cancer Male availability
Gonorrhea Optional
Male availability Before sexual initiation
Three shots
Example Quote Q1.1 She was just saying it was for, you get it to preventyou from catching genital warts and uh, she said it used to be for girls but uh, they just passed a law that its for boys and girls now (15 years old).” Q1.5She just mentioned the [vaccine], and I told her I didnt realize it was for males also [be]cause my daughter just finished her series of it. And then she explained to me how it can help with things like genital warts and penile cancer, and just that there are things that can be prevented in boys the same as girls. (Female, 40).”
Reasons for vaccination Protection General protection of son
Safety Vaccine is safe
Stay healthy Sexual initiation soon
Anticipated regret
Example Quote Q1.2 So I can stay healthy. I dont want to mess with them [viruses]. I dont want to die, or I don't want to be sitting in a hospital. If theres anything to keep myself away from it Ima do it (15 years old).” Q1.6I try very hard to protect him as much as I can because Im not there 24 hours a day. So, I cant walk around with, I cant put him in a condom and hold him in there (Female, 33 years old).”
Risks Pain Side effects
Shot in penis Questions about sex from son
Example Quote Q1.3It hurts. I believe that that painful needle will protect me, so Im gonna get it (13 years old).” Q1.7 We heard when she got hers, that some kid died because they got vaccinated, that in some places they have some negative reactions, but its a risk. Everything has a risk (Female, 38 years old).”
Benefits Protection Genital warts
Safety Cancer
Stay healthy Sexually Transmitted Infection
Example Quote Q1.4Like this keeps you safe so you wont be like hurt or anything like that. I guess just keep you healthy, make sure you like dont spread it or anything like that (15 years old).” Q1.8 Well, the good thing is that if he decides to get sexually active that hes protected on that [HPV]. Along with all the other protections that are out there (Female, 34 years old).”

Alexander et al.

Alexander et al. BMC Pediatrics 2012 12:192   doi:10.1186/1471-2431-12-192

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