Table 1

Assessment of development of preschool children based onBavarian School Entry Model” *
Main areas of skills Subareas of skills Tests
Biomedical assessment motor gross motor standing on one leg, jumping on one leg, going like a rope dancer, going with clapping hands
fine body coordination finger- opposition-test, drawing different figures and of persons
grapho-motor coordination
speech pronunciation repeating words
grammar retelling a short story, explaining rules of a known game
rhythm of speech repeating longer sentences
cognition memory and concentration repeating sentences with 7–10 words including three adjectives; repeating four single numbers in correct sequences
perseverance discontinuity of capacity to attend during the examination
abstraction building pairs, finding a subject of various objects belonging together
visual perception reception and knowing of simple geometric figures or silhouettes of figures and animals
arithmetic counting form 1 to 10 in correct sequences
Psychological assessment psychosocial behaviour erratic, overly bonded mother (no separation possible during examination?), hostility towards examiner
emotionality major mood
psycho- motor agitation, inability of sitting calmly during examination

* tests based on so called “milestones of development” [36-38].

Stich et al.

Stich et al. BMC Pediatrics 2012 12:188   doi:10.1186/1471-2431-12-188

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