Figure 3.

MR images for the case 12. A. The T2W image shows there is a serpiginous shape with inhomogeneous slight hyperintensity (Black arrow) in the left parietal lobe including mainly white matter area. Irregular large patchy edema can be seen in the perilesional parenchyma (White arrow) which is high signal on the T2W image. B. The enhanced T1W image shows a serpiginous tubular enhanced lesion with a diameter of 6.1 cm (which is the longest in the study). C. The enhanced T1W image from the MR follow-up after 7 months shows change in location and shape for the enhanced lesion. The lesion area was slightly moved medially and posteriorly, and appears as a comma shaped and ring enhancement. D. After the surgery, the worm was still alive, and its length was 13 cm.

Gong et al. BMC Pediatrics 2012 12:155   doi:10.1186/1471-2431-12-155
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