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  • Image attributed to: Attributed to Flickr user Brad Greenlee (CC BY 2.0)

    Parents views of NICU care

    Providing information, support and increased involvement contributes positively to parents satisfaction with their baby's neonatal intensive care unit stay and treatment

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:230
  • Image attributed to: Attributed to Flickr user jamesjoel (CC BY-ND 2.0)

    Antibiotic underdosing in neonates

    In neonates treated with vancomycin for a gram-positive infection, almost half showed a sub-therapeutic intial response suggesting the lower limit of vancomycins therapeutic range should be modified for neonates.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:193
  • Image attributed to: Attributed to Flickr user US Army Africa (CC BY 2.0)

    Volunteering for better newborn care

    Newborn care practices in rural southern Tanzania were significantly improved by implementation of a home-based counselling strategy that relied upon local volunteers.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:187
  • Filtered-sunlight for phototherapy

    Mothers in a resource limited setting express a high degree of satisfaction with using filtered sunlight rather than artificially generated blue-light for treating neonatal jaundice

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:180
  • Image attributed to: Attributed to National Cancer Institute, USA (Public Domain)

    Eating together is healthier

    Even in families from low socio-economic backgrounds, eating dinner as a family is associated with a lower incidence of children being overweight or obese

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:167


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