Figure 3.

Effects of 24 h treatment of CSp and SeSp to LNCaP cells. Cells treated with CSp regained their normal PSA secretion, cell cycle distribution, and proliferation ability after being released from the CSp treatment. (A) PSA secretion in LNCaP cells treated with CSp and SeSp extracts. PSA values were normalized against the total protein concentration of viable cells. (B) Effects of CSp and (C) SeSp extracts on the LNCaP cell cycle. Cells were harvested at indicated times and analyzed by flow cytometry. (D) Representative photomicrographs of LNCaP cells treated with CSp and (E) SeSp extracts at each IC50 concentration at various time points.

Abdulah et al. BMC Cancer 2009 9:414   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-9-414
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