Figure 1.

Intensity plots and unsupervised clustering of miRNA profiles. (A-C) Log base 2 intensity plots between representative samples. The equation and Pearson Correlation r values establish the linear fit of data. Comparison of array data obtained from (A) a technical replicate - tumor#101 obtained using 200 ng total RNA (x-axis) with the data obtained using 400 ng total RNA (y-axis; r = 0.997); (B) a biological replicate - normal#185A (x-axis) with normal#385A (y-axis; r = 0.990); and (C) a normal tumor comparison - normal#171A (x-axis) with tumor#334 (y-axis; r = 0.918). (D) Unsupervised hierarchical clustering of 108 miRNA profiles using 735 miRNA.

Sarver et al. BMC Cancer 2009 9:401   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-9-401
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