Figure 4.

A: The tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase assay was performed according to the manufacturer's instructions on mouse serum samples from control, prevention, and treatment groups, using the Mouse TRAP™ Assay measuring TRACP-5b activity (Immunodiagnostic systems Inc.) (n = 10). There were no significant differences associated with huRANKL MAb administration. B: Serum calcium levels were measured using a calcium ion electrode 8 weeks after intra-tibial C4-2 injection in the control, prevention, and treatment groups. Serum calcium levels were significantly different between control and prevention animals (p = 0.012). Serum calcium levels were not significantly different between control and treatment animals (p = 0.9631).

Morrissey et al. BMC Cancer 2007 7:148   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-7-148
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