Figure 2.

Analysis of TP53 mutation in breast tumors. Frequency plot of copy number changes in TP53 mutant and wild type tumors. The top two panels show the frequency of gains, indicated by the green bars ranging from 0 to 1, and losses, indicated by the red bars ranging from 0 to -1, in 62 sporadic breast tumors for each clone. The bottom panel displays the magnitude of the t-statistic for each clone computed based on the smoothed data as described in the Methods. The horizontal dotted lines indicate the statistic cut-off corresponding to the FDR-adjusted p-value of 0.01 (red), 0.05 (blue) and 0.1 (green). Thus, copy number alterations occurring more frequently in TP53 mutant tumors included losses of regions on 3p, 4q, 5q, 15q, 17q and gain of a small region on distal 8q.

Fridlyand et al. BMC Cancer 2006 6:96   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-6-96
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