Figure 3.

Matrix view of significantly affected genes. Genes induced/repressed in NHEK relative to control. The color is specific for genelist of affected genes at each time point (unless these are the same genes as from one of the earlier time points). Also in these cells, quite a limited early response is observed at 1 hr (16 and 26 genes in NHEK). There are almost no genes induced/repressed at 1 hr that continue the trend at later time points -indicating an early transient response. This is markedly different for 12 hrs and 24 hrs treatments that show many common genes. It is also clear that many genes affected by NAC treatment in one cell line don't show the same response in the other cell line.

Gustafsson et al. BMC Cancer 2005 5:75   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-5-75
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