Figure 2.

Representative RT-PCR results (gels) for 5 of the 11 tumor and paired normal breast tissue samples. For each tissue, 2 μg of total RNA was reverse transcribed using random primers, and aliquots of cDNA were PCR amplified, as described in the methods, with each of 6 primer sets. For each tissue, separate cDNA samples were amplified with primers specific to 18S rRNA (12 cycles), 5αR1 primers (27 cycles), 5αR2 (33 cycles), 20α-HSO, 3α-HSO2 and 3α-HSO3 (27 cycles each). Products were separated on 9% polyacrylamide gels. Note that intensity and abundance of 5αR1 and 5αR2 bands is greater, whereas that of the HSO bands is less in tumor than paired normal tissue samples.

Lewis et al. BMC Cancer 2004 4:27   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-4-27
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