Additional File 2.

Neoplasia classification with taxonomy (XML version). Neoclxml.gz is a compressed (gzipped) pure XML file. If the filename is changed during download, it should be renamed neoclxml.gz so that the .gz suffix can be recognized by unzip utilities. Unzip the file (recommended utility: gunzip.exe). Once unzipped, the file is 4 Mbytes in length. The expanded file should be renamed neocl.xml, to provide an XML suffix recognizable to web browsers. It can be opened on current versions of popular web browsers, but because it is a very large file, it may require substantial memory to view. The file contains approximately 55,000 coded neoplasia terms, all assigned to the classification structure.

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Berman BMC Cancer 2004 4:10   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-4-10