Table 2

Definition of classification systems and distribution of the enrolled cases
Classification system Cases Pathological response
NSABP pCR 5 No histological evidence of invasive tumour cells
pINV 84 Histological evidence of invasive disease of any extent
Miller-Payne G1 10 Some alteration to individual malignant cells but no reduction in overall numbers as compared with the pre-treatment biopsy
G2 20 A minor loss of invasive tumour cells but overall cellularity still high (<30%)
G3 40 A moderate reduction of in tumour cells up to an estimated 90% loss (30-90%)
G4 14 A marked disappearance of invasive tumour cells such that only small clusters of widely dispersed cells could be detected (>90%)
G5 5 No invasive tumours, i.e., only in situ disease or tumour stroma remained
Sataloff TA 20 Total or near total therapeutic effect
TB 30 Subjectively greater than 50 % therapeutic effect but less total and near total
TC 29 Less than 50% therapeutic effect, but effect event
TD 10 No therapeutic effect
EWGBSP TR1a 4 No residual tumour
TR1b 1 No residual invasive tumour but presence of residual in situ carcinoma
TR2a 14 Minimal residual invasive tumour (<10%)
TR2b 31 Therapeutic effect with residual invasive tumour (10-50%)
TR2c 29 Therapeutic effect but >50% residual invasive tumour
TR3 10 No pathologic response
CPS-EG 0 0 Point assignments
1 2 Clinical stage Pathologic stage Tumour marker
2 19 I; IIA = 0 0; I = 0 ER negative =1 G34 =1
3 17 IIB; IIIA = 1 IIA/B; IIIA/B = 1
4 12 IIIB; IIIC = 2 IIIC = 2
5 5
6 0

1NSABP: National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project

2EWGBSP: European Working Group for Breast Screening Pathology

3CPS-EG: Clinical Pathological Stage combined with Estrogen receptor status and Grade by M.D. Anderson Center (MDACC)

4G3: grade

Teleki et al.

Teleki et al. BMC Cancer 2013 13:50   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-13-50

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