Figure 1.

Overexpression of PLK1 in medulloblastoma. (A) PLK1 mRNA levels by microarray in 16 primary medulloblastoma (Med) patient samples compared to three normal cerebellum (Normal CB) samples. Error bars represent standard error of the mean (SEM). (B) Microarray expression of PLK1 mRNA in 120 patients with medulloblastoma (Med). A significant overexpression is seen in medulloblastoma when compared to adult cerebellum (adult CB). There is no significant difference when medulloblastoma samples are divided into four subgroups (WNT, SHH, Group C and Group D). Error bars represent SEM. (C) Significantly higher PLK1 mRNA expression is seen in medulloblastoma cell lines compared to normal adult cerebellum (Stratagene and Clontech) and pediatric cerebellum (UPN 514 and UPN 605) by qRT-PCR. Error bars represent SEM. (D) Western blot of PLK1 protein expression in normal cerebellum and medulloblastoma cell lines

Harris et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:80   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-80
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