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CEC and CEP test were preformed within 24 hours of collection of blood samples. The gating strategy is described below. Exclude debris and red blood cells first. CEC and CEPs are within CD45dim population (P2). CD31/CD146 double positive population (Q2) were defined as CECs (S-Figure 1 and 2). Both CD31/CD133 (Q2-1) and CD146/CD133 (Q2-2) double positive were CEPs (S-Figure 1 and 2). CEPs number presented here were the average of Q2-1 dot number and Q2-2 dot number. For gating viable-CEC, excluding debris and red blood cells first and CEC and CEPs are within CD45dim population (P2). CD146 was CEC maker and 7AAD staining was used to identify the cell viability. Cells in Q2 are apoptotic CECs and in Q4 are viable CECs. (S-Figure 3 and 4) Unstain sample was used as a negative control (S-Figure 1 and 3). CEC/CEP and viable CEP gating was follow the unstain one. (S-Figure 2 and 4).

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Kuo et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:620   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-620