Figure 2.

Box plot analysis of Ep-ICD and EpEx staining in PTMC. Comparison of Ep-ICD and EpEx immunostaining in metastatic and non-metastatic PTMCs shows increase in nuclear and cytoplasmic Ep-ICD and loss of membranous EpEx in the metastatic PTMC. EpEx membrane is correspondingly reduced in the metastatic PTMC group (A). ESLI showed significant correlation with lymph node metastasis (B). Abbreviations in the figure: LN+, lymph node metastasis; LN-, no lymph node metastasis; nuc, nucleus; cyto, cytoplasm; memb, membrane.

Kunavisarut et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:523   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-523
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