Figure 5.

Enduring reduced proliferation after treatment with Salinomycin. 1 x 103 human Mz-ChA-1, TFK-1 and EGI-1 cells were seeded in microtitre plates and grown until confluence. Cells were cultured in the absence or presence of 1 mM Gemcitabine, 1 μM, 2 μM, 5 μM or 10 μM Salinomycin. Treatment was performed for 24 (A) and 48 hours (B) or incubated for 48 hours under treatment and further grown with fresh medium for another 48 hours (C). After pulsing with 3H-thymidine, cell cultures were maintained for an additional incubation period of 16 hours. All three cell lines revealed significant reduced proliferation after 48 hours and high concentration of Salinomycin. This inhibition remained in treated cells even after removal of the agent. Results are shown as summary of 3 independent experiments as mean ± SD; * p < 0,05 compared with control.

Lieke et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:466   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-466
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