Figure 8.

Xenograft mouse model. The effect of parthenolide on in vivo glioblastoma growth was determined using an intracerebral glioblastoma xenograft mouse model. (A) Representative coronal section of mouse brain implanted by glioblastoma cells. (B) Tumour volume analysis revealed that mean tumour volume of the parthenolide group (45.2 ± 2.74 mm3) was significantly smaller than that of the control group (59.5 ± 3.80 mm3). * indicates p < 0.0001. (C) In immunohistochemical stainings VEGF and MMP-9 can be depicted by brown DAB staining (VEGF-positive cell; arrow head, MMP-9-positive cell; white arrow head. Histological evaluation showed that the number of microvessel (arrow) and the expression of VEGF and MMP-9 was significantly lower in the tumours from parthenolide-treated and control mice (p < 0.0001). Bar = 200 μm.

Nakabayashi and Shimizu BMC Cancer 2012 12:453   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-453
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