Figure 5 .

Cellular and exosomal microRNA expression levels in response to hypoxia. (A) Mean normalised expression levels of MCF7 cellular miRNAs as determined by miRNA-specific Taqman real-time RT-PCR assays in response to 1% O2 for 48 hours and normalised to RNU6B. Expression values are presented relative to normoxic control. (n = 3; ± SEM). (B, C) ExoquickTM precipitants isolated from MCF7 cell culture after 48 hours at 1% O2 were spiked with cel miR-54 and used for RNA extractions. This exosomal RNA was then assayed for miR-16, let7a, miR-210 and cel miR-54 by real-time RT-PCR and normalised to exogenous cel miR-54 (B) or endogenous miR-16 (C) (± SEM). Normoxia n = 4; Hypoxia n = 5. ** corresponds with P value < 0.01.

King et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:421   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-421
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