Table 8

Analysis of 5 highly-scored modules in each size category, with respect to functional groups and pathways, using MetaCoreTM from GeneGO
Module Functional groups Pathway (p-value)
Module Size: 3
1. CHK2:p53:E2F1 Apoptosis and Survival DNA-damage-induced apoptosis (1.63E-6)
2. ATR:p53: E2F1 DNA Damage ATM/ATR regulation of G1/S checkpoint (5.7 E-8)
Apoptosis and Survival DNA-damage-induced apoptosis (1.63E-6)
3. APEX1:HIF1A:p53 Transcription Role of AKT in hypoxia HIF1 activation (1.63E-9)
4. IL-22:STAT3:STAT2 Immune Response IL-22 signalling pathway (4.51E-6) (Inflammation)
5. IL-9R:STAT1:STAT3 Immune Response IL-9 signalling pathway (1.64E-5)
Module Size: 4
1. COX-2:NF-kB:p53: NF-kB-p65 Immune Response MIF in innate immunity response (1.48E3) (Inflammation)
2. TNFA: c-Jun: NF-kB:NF-kB-p65 Apoptosis and Survival TNFR1 signalling pathway (2.44E-14)
3. p53:c-ABL:c-Jun: p73 Apoptosis and Survival p53 dependent apoptosis (7.67 E-9)
4. ETS2:ETS1:c-Jun: c-Myc Immune Response ETV3 effect on CFSI promoted macrophage differentiation(1.04E-5)
5. MAPK11:MEF2C: MEF2A:c-Jun Immune Response Function of MEF2 in T lymphocytes (0.0003)
TLR-signalling pathways (8.63E-10) (Inflammation)
Module Size: 5
1. BCLX:DAND5:ESR1: c-Jun:SP1 Development Prolactin receptor signalling (3.52E-10)
DNA Damage Role of Brca1 and Brca2 in DNA repair (8E-13)
2. TCF7L2:Lef1:c-Myc: PPARD:NRSF Development Wnt signalling pathway (2.45E-11)

Pradhan et al.

Pradhan et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:331   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-331

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