Figure 3.

Hierarchical clustering of our 84 tumor samples A) using the 17 genes that coincides in both sets out of the total of 43 genes predictor of Eschrich et al.; B) using 37 genes out of the 50 genes predictor of Garman et al.; C) using 11 of the 23 genes of the predictor of Wang et al.; D) using 17 of the 22 genes of the predictor of Lin YH et al.; E) using 115 of the 128 genes of the predictor of Jorissen RN et al.; F) using 22 of the 34 genes of the predictor of Smith JJ et al.; G) using 6 of the 7 genes of the Oncotype-DX predictor; H) using 17 of the 18 genes of the ColoPrint predictor. Blue line: tumors belonging to cluster-1 (Low-stroma-subtype). Black line: tumors from clusters-2, -3 and −4. Note that almost all samples from the Low-stroma-subtype stay together in one group.

Perez Villamil et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:260   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-260
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