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Figure S2. Rapamycin plus bortezomib causes enhanced apoptosis. (A) SMMC7721 cells were treated with rapamycin (10 ng/ml), bortezomib (100 nM) or the combination for 24 or 48 h and stained with Hoechst 33342 (magnification, ×400). (B, C) The quantification of apoptotic cells induced by rapamycin and bortezomib was further confirmed by flow cytometry analysis. *P < 0.01, versus control group; **P < 0.001, versus control group; #P < 0.05, versus bortezomib treatment group at 48 h.

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Wang et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:166   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-166