Figure 4.

in vivo oncolytic activity of RSV against androgen-sensitive xenograft prostate tumor. (a) Body weight of tumor bearing mice measured over 14 day following intratumoral administration of RSV or Medium at 2-day intervals. The body weight data represent the normalized mean body weight trajectories over time. Body weight of each mouse was normalized against its body weight at day 1, which was set as 100%. Error bars represent the SE of the mean at each time point. (b) Real-time bioluminescence imaging of xenograft tumors (generated using luciferase expressing LNCaP-Luc-2 cells) in live animal following RSV or medium (control) injections (I.T). Time interval for each injection = 2 days. Whole-body imaging was done with Xenogen IVIS system. (c) LNCaP xenograft tumor was injected either with medium (control) or RSV (1 × 105 pfu) via I.T. After 3 d post-injection, the tumor was surgically removed and RSV titer in the tumor homogenate was determined by plaque assay.

Echchgadda et al. BMC Cancer 2011 11:43   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-11-43
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